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The Hygiene Lab aims to be the seal of trust in setting the benchmark for the hygiene standards in Singapore.

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Trust is the cornerstone of your business success. If you run a consumer-facing business, maintaining the best hygiene and cleanliness standards in your premise should be a key priority in order to give your customers peace of mind.


ost businesses have been greatly impacted by this Covid-19 situation, especially so for tourism, retail, F&B, entertainment and children related businesses.

We understand the struggles you are going through and the stress of trying to sustain the business during times like this.

With “SG Clean” campaign being implemented, we believe it is important for local businesses to have access to the right products to meet professional cleaning and disinfecting standards. As a business, ensuring the best hygiene goes a long way to maintain your brand’s credibility and establish customers’ trust in you.

Even for self-employed individuals like rail-hailing and taxi drivers who are still working, your personal health and that of the passengers should be well taken care of.

There’s no shortcut around this and we should take cleaning and disinfecting seriously, with or without covid-19. There’s a right way to do it and we are here to guide you. Not any product can do the trick and it’s not about simply spraying and wiping surfaces.


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