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From Restaurants, Bistro, Pubs, Kindergarten, Grab Services and Residential use, we have the best disinfectant products here

Maintaining fresh hygiene

It's a blessing to still be able to operate our F&B business during this circuit breaker period. I believe we should maintain best hygiene so our customers can trust us and enjoy our food. There are not many disinfectant products in the market that are certified food grade suitable for F&B businesses. Now we use Umonium Master Food Spray for all kitchen surfaces, food handling equipments and tabletops.

Ivan Yeo

Celebrity Chef and Founder of The 1925 Brewing Co

Only the best for my family will do

I know that the common cleaning products are not good enough for effective disinfection, especially to fight viruses like COVID-19, and I've been searching for trusted brands. Tried The Hygiene Lab products and they work great! Love the Master Spray and the Master Tissues disinfectant wet wipes are super convenient to clean laptops, phones, kids toys, etc.

Rachel Pang

Mom of 3. Businesswomen

Protection for my customers, myself and family

It's risky to be out and about sending passengers during this COVID-19 period. To protect myself, my family and my passengers, I rather spend on good quality disinfectant products to clean and disinfect my taxi. At first, i don't believe but The Hygiene Lab did a swab test comparison and i immediately switch to using their products.

Deniel Liu

Comfort Taxi Driver for 6 years

The Best in the Market

Our products are surgical and medical grades to give you maximum assurance in these times of distress

Proven against harder to kill viruses

Safe for Kids, Animals and Elderly with a pleasant smell

Give your customers the assurance they deserve

US EPA / BPR Regulation

The Hygiene Lab Products

Our products are certified internationally. We deliver the best disinfection solutions for residential use and small business use for food handling, retail spaces for kids, elderly and event spaces.


For Small Business Use

For Residential use

Value for money

Against Alcohol based products


Speciality Chemical Manufacturer

BHC, Inc. currently sells disinfectant products that have demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) on hard, non-porous surfaces.

Huckert's International

Expert in bio-decontamination and disinfection

The Laboratory produces and develops two Premium ranges ; UMONIUM38 for disinfection and PHYTOGEL for skincare.

Umonium 38

A new generation of eco-friendly disinfectants

Discover our range of new-generation disinfectants. Fast-acting and effective, our formulas are pH-neutral, stable, long-life and safe.



Discover our preservative-free plant-based dermatological care programme. An effective solution to the risk of infection for soft and supple skin.

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