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The Difference Between Cleaning and Disinfecting

A visibly clean surface in your house is not necessarily hygienically clean. Do not be complacent and have the false sense of security that your home is safe from infection and free from harmful contamination. To ensure that hands, surfaces and fabrics (clothes and cleaning utensils) are hygienically clean, they must be treated in a prescribed manner.

Cleaning refers to organizing and wiping down surfaces, like table tops, so that they appear neat and spotless. All-purpose cleaners are built to lift and remove visible smudges, spots, stains, and debris from surfaces although some cleaners do disinfect to a certain degree.

While cleaners will help make your surfaces look nice and shiny, there are many places at home (like your kitchen counters, faucet handles, kids toys, keyboards) where you want to follow up your cleaning with a disinfectant. Cleaning by itself won’t kill germs like bacteria, viruses, or fungi and you’ll need a good disinfectant spray to get the job done.

A quality disinfectant spray like the UMONIUM MASTER SPRAY should remove 99.999% percent of the microscopic organisms on your surfaces and it will effectively stop the spread of diseases and viruses that could be spreading in your house.

Remember, it is about our daily practices and habits which protect us from exposure to harmful germs such as disinfection of high touch areas at home, good food hygiene, good respiratory hygiene, – and handwashing at key times

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